Author: Garry Herbert

women using smart home device

2020: The Year of Home Automation

Smart home devices and voice automation are built on a simple principle: their purpose is to make life easier and more efficient. They allow consumers to hold the baby, cook dinner, open the door, and vacuum the rug all at the same time. However, in-home

Navigating The Shifting Sands of Retail

In general, retail marketing and the retail landscape are constantly in a state of flux. Over the last several years, that change has focused upon the e-commerce space and consumers’ perceptions of brands. Simply stated, consumers want a more personalized experience. They are, however, expecting

CES 2019: Our Immersive World

It’s easy to get completely consumed by the vastness of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) every year. CES is where the tech industry debuts new products for the coming year. Tech companies large and small put their products on display to the public for the first