Author: Pat Fyock

Tracking Data

Trackin’ Ain’t Easy

Senate hearings regarding social media, enterprise data breaches and mistrust of technology organizations have led to a cultural conversation regarding data. How is “my” data being used by companies to track and sell products to me? What sort of behavior do these companies have on

Chewing Gum and Big Data

The year is 1974.  “Hooked on a Feeling” is playing on the supermarket speakers, and you’re exhausted after barely sleeping; author Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie has resulted in you jumping at shadows.  At the cash register, you pick up some chewing gum and the

Eye See You

For the past several years we have been told it’s been the year of mobile, as if it’s something on the horizon and not currently practical for media initiatives.  True, there are (and probably always will be) inventory, tagging and trafficking issues that can plague