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Technology is Listening in 2018

According to AdExchanger, "Chinese manufacturer Hisense debuted the first 4k HD smart TV projector integrated with AI-powered voice assistants, and a connected TV that can place online orders for consumers using voice". Connected homes will feature ovens and refrigerators enabled by voice. The computers powering


IAB Releases Its First Podcast Playbook

Podcasts are often overlooked in media planning.  While the underutilization can be attributed to a few items, one of the largest obstacles is that podcast advertising is not as familiar to advertisers as other media.  The release of the IAB's Podcast Playbook is looking to


Amazon’s Growing Self-Service Platform

Amazon is making tremendous changes to the way you can advertise with them, one including a self-service option. Advertisers are now able to use a self-service platform for campaigns instead of going through Amazon's managed service. This has been tested and currently only open to