3 Marketing Benefits of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

3 Marketing Benefits of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Dom Grullon

Marketers will have to adjust to the changes to the mobile web that have been brought on by Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, which are pages built using AMP HTML, a restricted form of traditional HTML. These AMPs went live in February.

What this means for marketers: Although some publishers will have to make critical changes to their mobile user experience, there are 3 main benefits of AMPs:

  1. More Page Views and Ad Views: Because 40% of web users will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load, there is a potentially large increase of page views and ad views per unique session for publishers who switch to Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  1. Higher Search Rankings: Google introduced a new algorithm last year that ranks mobile friendly sites higher than the non-optimized sites. The Accelerated Mobile Pages are not only being ranked above all other mobile results, but also feature a small green lightning bolt logo under the search result marking it faster than the others.
  1. Support Tools and Functionalities Through AMPs, advertisers have the ability to traffic ads with ad servers of their choice, to support for multiple demand sources and formats (including native ads), and to have full control over ads placements, and viewability measurement.

Harmelin will continue to inform clients of Accelerated Mobile Pages and how to stay competitive on mobile search. We will also monitor the effects of this new initiative and be proactive by developing specific strategies around AMPs. Harmelin will provide updates and/or results with clients on best-practices when they become available.


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