3 Ways Google is Combatting Accidental Clicks

3 Ways Google is Combatting Accidental Clicks

Harmelin Digital Reviewer: Shaun Williams

Accidental clicks have become increasingly common, especially on our mobile devices. Google, citing a third-party study, claims that up to 50% of clicks are accidental. The company is working to add features preventing unintended clicks. They are blocking clicks on mobile image ads that occur close to the image border to prevent clicks via scrolling. On in-app interstitial ads, the app icon can no longer be clicked because it is located too close to the ad close button. To install the app, the user must click the call-to-action button which then redirects to the app store. Finally, to eliminate clicks on unexpected ads, an ad will only become clickable once it has been onscreen for a brief period of time.

What this means for marketers: Google is fighting the battle on measurability. Eliminating unintentional clicks will have a positive impact on clients. Harmelin will begin to see conversion rates increase on campaigns as ads capture more qualified users and not just those scrolling through content.

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