4 New User Centric Functions from Google Analytics

4 New User Centric Functions from Google Analytics

Google Analytics has released 4 new features that can help marketers better understand how users engage across channels and devices.

What this means for marketers: In a data hungry world, it’s as important as ever to understand the consumer journey on our client’s sites. These 4 new features in Google Analytics aim to do just that:

  1. Reporting will now include “Users” as well as sessions. This gives better insight into how many actual consumers visited your site, taking into account those who visited the site multiple times
  2. User Explorer will allow visibility into a user’s lifetime metrics on the site, to the extent that their cookie remains active.
  3. For some time, Audiences could be created in AdWords and used as a means of bidding up against a particular set of consumers. Now, Google analytics allows for cross-channel reporting against those audiences for deeper insights into success.
  4. Conversion Probability ranks groups of users on their likelihood of conversion based on past actions, and allows those groups to be bid up against in both AdWords and Doubleclick

Harmelin will continue to monitor and optimize towards the best success metrics for all paid search campaigns.

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