71% of Local Advertisers Use Online Advertising in Conjunction with Local TV Buys

71% of Local Advertisers Use Online Advertising in Conjunction with Local TV Buys

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Viktoriya Tverskaya

According to Viamedia, online advertising is used by nearly three-quarters of local advertisers as a way to work with their local TV ad buys. With local TV station ad revenues estimated to hit $22.3 billion this year, Viamedia’s survey states that approximately 70% of advertisers plan to increase or maintain their local TV spend this year. With that said, the progression of the online sphere continues as 50-70% of respondents either use or will use mobile advertising in their plans for 2016.

What this means for marketers: Exploring the digital space is imperative for all clients especially those placing local TV buys. Online advertising gives the client the ability to inform the correct consumer through specific location, demographic, and behavioral data, something local TV placement is not able to tap into. Including online and mobile advertising in conjunction with local TV buys will increase reach, awareness and brand recognition for clients across all industries. Viamedia’s results are highlighting the push of a cross platform presence and showcasing an increase in advertisers who are making those purchases for the year. The increase in advertising dollars for many local advertisers’ may decrease inventory and may create more competitive platforms. Harmelin will continue to work directly with vendors to push for more competitive, creative, and strategic campaigns across multiple channels to maximize the key performance indicators.

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