Leveraging the 78% of Dual Screen Users to Drive More Searches

Leveraging the 78% of Dual Screen Users to Drive More Searches

TV Advertisers now have the unique opportunity to leverage their TV budgets to drive online searches related to their products without any additional cost. Three out of every four TV viewers are using a second device while watching TV, prompting watchers to take immediate action online with a call to action as part of the ad.

What this means for marketers: With the prevalence of the two and even three screen TV watchers exploding, advertisers now have the opportunity to guide TV watchers from their first brand exposure on TV to a custom online experience with messaging tailored based on the TV ad viewed. This allows TV and the Brand’s website to tell a more complete story not limited by 30 or 60 seconds of air time.

Advertisers can no longer think of TV and Paid Search as separate advertising mediums but complimentary channels that support and work together to drive a brand’s messaging to users in a more effective manner.

Brands who advertise on TV should always run a Paid Search campaign with AdCopy and Keywords that compliments their TV messaging. This will ensure users driven by the TV ads reach the website and take any desired actions.

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