Ad-Blocker to Sell Unblocked Ad Space

Ad-Blocker to Sell Unblocked Ad Space

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Anna Eggleston

AdBlock Plus has revealed its new service called the Acceptable Ads Platform, which will allow publishers to sell ad space not blocked by the ad-blocking software. These units will be sold programmatically through the newly-created exchange, to which both Google and AppNexus have already shown interest in having access. In addition, ads will include a feedback option for users’ opinions on the ads they are shown and that feedback will play a part in determining auction winners.

What this means for marketers: AdBlock Plus is attempting to position itself to marketers as an advertising platform, while simultaneously ensuring its users that it is an ad blocker. This is rather deceiving and could cause problems for those who have downloaded AdBlock Plus and then begin to see ads. While the idea behind the feedback mechanism is to improve ad quality for people, this is useless if the majority of users are only looking for the ad-free experience to which they have grown accustomed. Meanwhile, publishers and advertisers may not be happy with buying ads from AdBlock Plus as a “solution” to the problem created by the ad-blocking software. This does not truly address the issue and may instead end up annoying users, publishers, and advertisers all at once. However, despite the potential backlash, the IAB is backing this new initiative from AdBlock Plus.

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