Attributing Sales to Mobile Ads

Attributing Sales to Mobile Ads

Harmelin Digital Reviewer: Brian Varner

With 80% of US mobile users redeeming coupons or codes on their phones, coupons have proved useful in attributing mobile ads to sales.

What this means for marketers: Mobile couponing accomplishes many goals for marketers, such as encouraging consumers to spend. When the coupons are specifically targeted to phones, or mobile-specific codes, marketers are easily able to attribute sales to mobile marketing. These benefits are why more than three-fifths of US marketers (62.9%) say mobile coupons are the most effective way to attribute in-store purchases to mobile ads. While mobile coupons are looked upon as the most effective mobile tactic for sales, most companies are not using them. Just over 40% have used mobile coupons in 2015, and this number is expected to rise to 48% by 2017. Now is the time for advertisers to utilize this highly effective tactic to stay ahead of competition before mobile couponing becomes commonplace in marketing strategy.

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