Brands Can Now Promote Chatbots Through Facebook Ads

Brands Can Now Promote Chatbots Through Facebook Ads

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Samantha Cojocariu

Facebook has updated their assortment of Call-to-Action buttons to include the new ‘send message’ option. VP of Facebook messaging, David Marcus, announced at The Web Summit on November 8th that Facebook is looking to further incorporate chatbots into Messenger. They are doing so by allowing companies to serve ads that transfer you to a private conversation with the brand which can include shopping via messenger.

What this means for marketers: Using this method of communication can allow for a customer to learn more about your brand, shop via messenger, unlock special offers, and speak to a live representative. This means, if a person were to see an ad prompting them to message your company, it could lead to a world of new shopping experiences for that consumer. For example, Absolut has a prompt in their messenger that allows users to receive discounts on their products. Burberry, one of the first companies to take advantage of this, has a feature on their messenger called “Gift Finder” which allows you to select categories like “Gifts for Women” or “Personalized Gifts” and browse their selections without having to leave Facebook until it is time to make the purchase.  Harmelin’s social team will continue to monitor this new Facebook feature and will recommend to clients, when applicable, to stay innovative in the industry.

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