Cambridge Analytica Suspended from Facebook

Cambridge Analytica Suspended from Facebook

Facebook has suspended political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica due to a violation of platform policies regarding data sharing and data deletion.

What this means for marketers: Facebook has been in a lot of hot water lately due to the platform’s role in spreading “fake news,” and is again in hot water. The Cambridge Analytica suspension highlights the privacy vulnerability inherent in third-party data sharing. In response to this, Facebook has become stricter surrounding how advertisers collect, use, and share data for marketing purposes. Facebook announced that over the next six months they will be removing the ability to use Partner Categories (targeting based on information, such as offline behavioral information like homeownership or purchase history).

Many clients share customer data with Facebook in the form of CRM lists, pixel-based Facebook custom audiences, and retargeting pixels. This is a good opportunity for advertisers to review their privacy policy, specifically about targeted advertising practices. All advertisers should have language about third-party targeted advertising, and links to more information and places where they can opt out of targeted advertising.

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