Facebook Introduces Augmented Reality Ads in the Newsfeed

Facebook Introduces Augmented Reality Ads in the Newsfeed

Facebook is rolling out augmented reality ads, which will bridge the gap between testing products in an actual store and testing products virtually through a user’s phone.

What this means for marketers: Facebook’s augmented reality ads will allow users to try out products like sunglasses, makeup and furniture inside their own newsfeeds. In May, Facebook announced that it was developing AR products for Instagram and Messenger, but now marketers can test this technology in the Facebook newsfeed. Brands see it as a personalized experience in a user’s shopping journey.

These ads will look like normal in-feed ads at first but will include a “tap to try it on” option which opens these capabilities. From there, you have the option to purchase it in the same window within the Facebook app. Michael Kohrs was the first retail brand to test out these ads, with Sephora, Pottery Barn and Wayfair planning tests for later this year.

The Boston Consulting Group estimates that “over 80 million people in the US currently interact with AR each month and this number is expected to grow to 120 million in the next two years.”

The hope is that advertisers will use these intriguing ads on Facebook to drive sales and inspire shoppers during their journey. Harmelin will continue to monitor this AR trend so we can recommend innovative opportunities for clients.

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