Facebook is Testing Ads During Facebook Live Videos

Facebook is Testing Ads During Facebook Live Videos

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Pierce Strickler

With Facebook Live becoming increasingly popular with both advertisers and the individual user, Facebook has found a new way to reach the one billion people who use the platform world-wide. Facebook is not the only social media platform that is fighting for advertiser dollars in the live video space, with Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube all eyeing the spot for top dog in the ever-growing digital video segment. By placing ads with Live videos, Facebook is asserting itself as the alpha once again.

What this means for marketers: The ads will be displayed in newsfeeds at the same time as a Facebook Live stream; this will give advertisers a new opportunity to grab the attention of the target audiences who are interested in Live video content. Facebook will implement this by playing short advertisements before, during (mid-roll) and after the live stream. Currently, Facebook Live is being promoted through sponsored posts. Facebook has introduced scheduled live streams to allow marketers the ability to announce when they are going live to further get the word out about the new live streaming.

So far, the only disadvantage marketers have seen with this innovation is that Facebook is having a hard time guaranteeing viewers through using Live video; some broadcasts struggle for an audience, while others are attracting several million viewers. Facebook officials have yet to address this in a way that is satisfying to advertisers. Several marketing executives have commented saying that brands would be more willing to put additional budget into the Live format if there was a better predictability for what a brand can achieve using the format. But for now, the option to place an advertisement in conjunction with a Facebook Live video is tempting for those looking to get in on Facebook’s latest enhancement to reach consumers.

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