Google AdWords Gains 3 New Cross-Device Attribution Reports

Google AdWords Gains 3 New Cross-Device Attribution Reports

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Dom Grullon

Using multiple devices at a time is becoming commonplace for consumers and a conversion path may start on a phone one day and end on a desktop the next day. Attribution across devices has become complicated and require more detailed reporting. Therefore, AdWords has added 3 new cross-device activity reports:

1) Devices: an overview of the cross-device activity in your account.

2) Assisting Devices: shows assist levels and values by each device type – mobile, tablet, desktop.

3) Device Paths: the top conversion paths for visitors who used more than one device before converting.

What this means for marketers: 6 out of 10 online conversions in the US start on one device and end on another, making cross-device conversion tracking vital. Harmelin will start utilizing these new Google AdWords reports to accurately track performance by device.

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