In-App vs. Mobile Web

In-App vs. Mobile Web

Harmelin Digital Reviewer: Jamie Benelli

Mobile is projected to dominate 72% of digital ad spends by 2019 (up from 49% in 2015). With the explosive growth, which inventory source is better – apps or browsers? Though the simple answer is in-app due to the improved user experience and time spent, there are factors that marketers should factor in before writing off Mobile-Web.

What this means for marketers: For every one minute spent in a mobile browser, the average user spends five minutes using apps. Despite the disparity, the value driven by mobile web is not inherently lesser if leveraged effectively by marketers. Mobile usage changes depending on how users are accessing content. When in app, users have set expectations and are often less engaged with ads that disrupt that experience. Mobile web is often used for searching/researching. For example, while US smartphone users may use apps for tasks like mobile banking – they tend to turn to mobile web for researching. Because of this, it would be best to reach users who are researching cars or looking for more competitive prices on mobile-web. A recent study featured on eMarketer stated that 73% of mobile usage related to the auto category was through browsers. Hotel and Electronics also had a 60/40 split in favor of mobile web. Looking at most of the major markets around the world, browsers also tended to have higher mobile video completions rates (the one notable exception being the US, where the two tied). Depending on the industry, Harmelin will tailor the mobile strategy that is best suited for that vertical.

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