Fall TV Preview: CW

Fall TV Preview: CW

The CW is inserting Supergirl on Mondays this fall, and  while the ratings may not equal what the show did on CBS, it will likely be a top three show for The CW. “This is the right place for it,” said CW’s president Mark Pedowitz.  “It’s going to help us.”

The fall line-up may prompt programming questions since the CW decided not to group together the DC-based shows on any given night. Pedowitz  said “We have four terrific additions to our schedule and five great anchors at 8PM, every night of the week.” He believes his line-up will appeal to “the most balanced audience of any broadcast network.”

Pedowitz also said, “We have three new series for the next season that perfectly fit our brand, with the comedy No Tomorrow and the  drama Frequency this fall, and the subversive take on small-town life, Riverdale, at mid-season. With these new series added to the strongest schedule we have ever had, the CW just keeps getting better.”

CW New Shows

NO TOMORROW, Tuesday 9-10PM, Drama  Evie Callahan, a risk-averse quality control assessor, lives a regimented life. She finds herself in a bit of a rut both romantically and professionally when she comes across the free-spirited Xavier Halliday, and the attraction is immediate and electric. However, there is one small catch with the charming Xavier.  He believes that humankind has only 8 months and 12 days until a runaway asteroid crashes down and ends life as we know it. Xavier encourages Evie to carpe diem and despite being skeptical, Evie seems to be enjoying herself and having fun for the first time in her life. Evie must decide whether Xavier is credible or nuts, and whether that even matters if being with him means living a much fuller life. COMMENTS:  CW calls this a “romantic comedy with the ultimate ticking clock” – all while listing it as a drama. I can see the confusion as the pilot offered many laughs and was adorably quirky while at the same time dealing with the dramatic concern of the apocalypse. Despite its one-hour length, this show, to me, is the ultimate romantic comedy. You will laugh and smile while you watch two people fall in love despite their differences. It’s very charming and different and will be fun to see what Xavier convinces Evie to do each week.

FREQUENCY, Wednesday 9-10PM, Drama  Detective Raimy Sullivan has always wanted to prove that she is nothing like her father. In 1996, when Raimy was 8 years old, NYPD Officer Frank Sullivan left Raimy and her mother behind while he went deep undercover, became corrupted and got himself killed. Or so Raimy was told. Now 20 years later, Raimy hears a voice crackling through her father’s old radio that was stored in her mother’s garage. Somehow, they find out that father and daughter are speaking to each other over the airwaves at different points in time. Raimy uses her knowledge to warn Frank so that he is not killed in 1996. But changing history dramatically affects Raimy’s life in the present and they must work together to rewrite the story of their lives. COMMENTS: This TV version of the 2000 box office movie of the same name starring Dennis Quaid is true to form right down to the baseball anecdotes and characters’ last names.  The twist is that the lead character in the movie was male, and the years that they listen back to are 1969 to 1996. Time travel seems to be a trend this season, and I don’t think Frequency will disappoint. The changes that occur when Raimy alters her family history are intriguing and leave the viewer wondering how much can she get away with correcting.

CW Mid-Season Replacement

RIVERDALE  Character names are drawn from Archie’s Comics. As a new school year begins, the town of Riverdale is reeling from the recent, tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom. We follow the story lines of several intertwined teens and their families. Archie Andrews is the All-American teen wanting to pursue a career in music and not follow his dad’s footsteps. Betty Cooper is the girl next door, best friend of Archie, who is dealing with her unannounced love for him and her overbearing mother. Veronica Lodge is the new girl in town who has an undeniable spark with Archie but establishes a solid friendship with Betty. And Cheryl Blossom is the twin sister of the late Jason, the queen of Riverdale, and perhaps the villain in the story who is out to destroy her schoolmates and is keeping secrets about her twin brother’s mysterious death.

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