40th Anniversary Roundtable Interview: The Next 40 Weeks

40th Anniversary Roundtable Interview: The Next 40 Weeks

As we continue to celebrate Harmelin Media’s 40th anniversary, we asked our media-minded team members what we can expect in the ever-changing world of media and advertising in the next 40 weeks. Here are some of their predictions: 




What is the biggest advancement you expect to affect the way you run media in the next 40 weeks? 


“There are 40 weeks in a typical pregnancy. So I expect that we will understand we have a new horizon of media that is coming no matter what; we will nurture and guide whatever unknown print growth is to come, and we will put forth a beautiful, unique baby of innovation with an immediate penchant for AI.”  |  HEATHER SHIELDS, MEDIA MANAGER

“The rise of the metaverse will create new media opportunities. In-game ads in video games and metaverse platforms like Roblox will be early opportunities for advertisers to get involved.”  |  SHAUN WILLIAMS, MEDIA DIRECTOR

“In regard to digital advertising, I think that platform algorithms will advance so that advertisers are able to better target users that are most interested in their brand. We are already seeing improvements in certain platforms’ algorithm by the ways that they recommended organic media (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.), and I think this will start to reflect more through advertisements as well.”  |  KEELY CALVARESI, SENIOR MEDIA STRATEGIST

“Whether we’re talking about 40 weeks or 40 years, the answer is choice! Media sources are both fragmented and converged. Before, the options were simple: a few TV stations, a couple of radio stations, add a couple of outdoor billboards, and you had a media plan. Now, everyone and their mom literally has their own platform, network and sphere of influence. There is a limitless number of sources and dayparts to connect with consumers. It makes things a bit more complicated. And interesting!”  |  BROOKE REYNOLDS, MEDIA DIRECTOR


How will inflation affect the way we advertise in the next 40 weeks? 


“SEO. Just everything SEO. Organic exploration, research, development, output, and ideation – all very important when considering how to raise your “baby” when inflation is running rampant. Don’t pay for clicks; play for clicks! Better yet, we can guide our clients to invest in BOTH, to bring that ROAS and ROI into a happy and communicative marriage that produces wonderful offspring.”  |  HEATHER SHIELDS, MEDIA MANAGER

“Inflation and overall economic uncertainty is causing consumers to be more conservative on discretionary spending. Ads that reflect deals and value to consumers may be more fruitful over the next year.”  |  SHAUN WILLIAMS, MEDIA DIRECTOR

“I am expecting media agencies to be held to higher standards in terms of the efficiency we can provide for our clients. Not just in terms of rates but providing more bang for our clients’ buck across the board.”  |  KATY REEDMAN, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR


Which streaming platforms do you see on the rise in the next 40 weeks? 


“Netflix! They just began to roll out their pricing for the new ad serving platform addition. Being one of the most popular platforms they will grow, but the move may turn away some loyalists who enjoyed no ads.”  |  JENNA PELOWITZ, MEDIA STRATEGIST

“All of them, with the holidays coming up. But especially Netflix & Disney+ with children being off school for holiday breaks.”  |  KATY REEDMAN, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR

“I think the Metaverse will eventually be on the rise as a streaming platform.”  |  KEELY CALVARESI, SENIOR MEDIA STRATEGIST

“TikTok will continue to grow but I predict the emergence of a new platform sometime in the next 40 weeks.”  |  ZAC GRUBB, MEDIA MANAGER


Which streaming platforms do you see on their way out in the next 40 weeks? 


“HBOMax is likely to face a reset as they merge with Discovery+ and rebrand in 2023.”  |  SHAUN WILLIAMS, MEDIA DIRECTOR

“Netflix is playing a dangerous game by regularly removing content, adding an ad-supported level, and cracking down on password sharing. If anything, Stranger Things Season 5 is the only reason most people will hold onto their account.”  |  ZAC GRUBB, MEDIA MANAGER

“None. Streaming is here to stay.”  |  KATY REEDMAN, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR


What media trend do you see fading out vs growing into something more substantial in the next 40 weeks? 


“Quirky commercials are on their way out. They were a novelty at first, but now that they’re the norm it is likely that a new trend will emerge during this year’s Super Bowl.”  |  ZAC GRUBB, MEDIA MANAGER DIRECTOR

“I’d be interested in how QR code usage trends over the next year as we exit the last of our COVID routines. Does it fade out or is it here to stay? Privacy legislation will continue to grow in 2023 as more governments get involved.”  |  SHAUN WILLIAMS, MEDIA DIRECTOR

“I think the trend of advertising with more “organic” looking creative will grow as we see that consumers are more likely to engage with content that looks like something they would see in their feed, versus a perfectly designed ad unit.”  |  KEELY CALVARESI, SENIOR MEDIA STRATEGIST


Stay tuned next week as we look at our predictions for the next 40 months! 


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