Social Video: New Principals & Players

Social Video: New Principals & Players

Harmelin Media has been working diligently to articulate our “total video” planning, buying, and measurement approach to adapt to video fragmentation.  This approach is based on balanced budgeting for optimal reach, frequency and action in the same omnichannel way that mirrors evolving consumer consumption habits.  At Harmelin, our formula for success is:

  • Understanding consumer behaviors, and adapting to them
  • Identifying industry trends, and staying ahead of them
  • Establishing vendor relationships, and fostering them

Understanding Consumer Behaviors, and Adapting to Them

It’s no surprise that the way consumers are watching TV has changed over time. According to a report from Accenture, 87% of consumers use a second screen while watching TV.* As smart phones, tablets, laptops and other screens become present in the “living room” landscape, it can be difficult to prioritize which should be the most important to an advertiser.  One thing, however, is certain: brands need to keep pace and create an experience across channels and devices to give the right experience to the right person in the right space. The below chart from the Q2 2017 Nielsen Total Audience Report visualizes user behaviors in video consumption.






Q2 2017 Nielsen Total Audience Report


Social media platforms afford advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences of light TV viewers as well as:

  • To zero in on important audience segments through unmatched accurate targeting
  • To reach audiences during TV hiatus weeks in a cost-effective way
  • To create multiple touchpoints for increased frequency across channels


Thinking about video from a consumption perspective means creating a media strategy that includes a holistic video plan incorporating all screens plus TV.

Identifying Industry Trends, and Staying Ahead of Them

Time spent on mobile (including social media) is increasing faster than ad dollars spent on mobile. For advertisers, this is an opportunity to balance a “total video” approach by taking advantage of inventory while competition is not as high. In a recent study, eMarketer predicts that by 2022, digital video ad spending is expected to grow substantially, estimated to be almost 45% of all video advertising dollars spent.





eMarketer, September 2018


As an agency, we plan to use this information to stay in line with industry standards and stay ahead of them on behalf of our clients.

Establishing Vendor Relationships, and Fostering Them

Harmelin has built and sustained strong relationships with representatives from key vendors in the cross-screen landscape. Google and Facebook are two of the top vendors in digital video. Harmelin has maintained long-standing partnerships with each of them.  During this “total video” planning and measurement journey, the agency has been leveraging these relationships to create the best all-screen plans which include:

  • Recommending mobile-first creative
  • Planning for enough impact
  • Measuring metrics that matter

To win on social media, it’s important to build a mobile experience centered on the consumer. Responding to new behaviors and adapting to evolving consumption habits must be part of a holistic media strategy that is planned and bought together.