Tableau and What’s to Come


Tableau and What’s to Come


Tableau is a data visualization tool first and foremost but, as we’ve learned, can do so much more than that. 

 And We’re Off to the Races!  

The Harmelin Data & Analytics team attended the Tableau Conference 2022 and interestingly our team discovered just how unique Harmelin is when it comes to how we utilize Tableau. At Harmelin, each of our Tableau power users participate in the different elements of dashboarding: the data preparation & cleaning, and the analyzing & visualizing. It seemed that many other companies had more exclusive roles and one person only participates in one part of the process. Because our Harmelin crew was so well rounded, we were able to fully participate in all the session types available at the conference.  Here are some of our key takeaways from the conference and the latest Tableau releases. 

 The Key to a Successful Product is Integration  

The introduction to the new and improved Tableau Cloud is by far one of our favorite products we are looking forward to implementing at Harmelin Media. This improves not only the front-end speed and functionality for our company and client users, but is flexible enough on the back end for our software development team to integrate different products for easier management. While the excitement for users is the forefront, security on the back end is also of the utmost importance to our Data & Analytics team. Tableau Cloud will allow users to apply a multi-factor authentication (MFA) to login and securely access their information. Enhanced security with data is something that Tableau has stressed is important to them – and we agree!  

Speaking of flexibility, an updated embedded analytics API in the newest Tableau 2022.2 version is part of the reason we’re excited to incorporate the Tableau Cloud with our proprietary tools. The ability to embed Tableau dashboards into our internal webpages will allow the company to showcase more of the unique reporting we do for clients or provide internal reports for our account teams to get a glimpse into their planning ecosystem.   

Education and Growth  

The need to grow and develop Tableau training and sense of community within the company is a high priority to our Data & Analytics team. We want all Harmelin users (regardless of what department they belong to) to be comfortable asking questions about their dashboards and to feel they have a community to support and collaborate with them. Tableau has their own free public community called Tableau Public. Here users from around the world can publish public-facing dashboards that people can interact with, comment, on provide support, or share and like! This allows creativity and inspiration for people to view and then bring to action in their own personal setting.   

At the Tableau Conference 2022, our team found the Tips & Tricks and Making User-Centric Dashboards training sessions to be particularly rewarding, as they opened our eyes to new ways to provide cleaner, faster, and more efficient dashboards for our clients and staff.  Creating a clear story and faster dashboard speed is a frequent client request and we are excited to close out the year implementing many of the new features and updates we learned about at the conference! Stay tuned for all the exciting things to come from your Harmelin Data & Analytics team. 

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