Thinking Inside the Box for New Ideas

Thinking Inside the Box for New Ideas

Iron Man. Wall-E. Inception. Avatar. What do these movies have in common?

Aside from representing some of the highest grossing sci-fi films of all time, each of these movies captivated their audiences with groundbreaking technology. To do so, the movies’ producers stretched their imaginations and explored the creative possibilities afforded by the cinematic technology of their time.

Just as monumental as these films are in the cinematic world, there are advertising advancements in the marketing realm that are capable of making just as big of a difference. Film and video advertising have become increasingly more streamlined and affordable in recent years. For example, media that has historically been confined to movie theaters has now made its debut in living rooms. Similarly, video screens now have prominent exposure in restrooms and waiting rooms around the world. A recent study conducted by Audits & Surveys Worldwide found that 64% of restroom visitors remember seeing one or more ads that were displayed.

Video screens now have an increased reach and retention rate as compared to prior years.  Still, video advertisements have continued to be old-fashioned…until now.

I give you…The Holocube.

The Holocube is a 3D holographic projection enclosed in a sleek, contemporary design. Some of the largest companies in the world – Mazda, Toyota, and Nike – have been using this innovative product to take their marketing to the next level. The Holocube can be used as a visual aid at storefronts, as a showstopper at conferences and events, as well as a tool to promote brand awareness.

In a marketplace with an endless series of stimuli on the shopping floor, how does a high-tech ad get noticed by consumers? The Holocube answers this question by providing the extra attention that makes the object stand out from the rest, but in a context that perfectly matches the need of its shoppers – simplicity.  Put bluntly, it makes the product look different.

This highly detailed display of an isolated floating object has undoubtedly become a conversation starter among consumers. It effectively appeals to the imagination of the typical shopper while allowing them to assimilate into the experiences portrayed in high-tech science fiction films. The Holocube changes the game and will likely lead to an influx of creative technological developments that explore the unchartered territory of advertising.