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The ABC’s of Ad Blocking

As if the newspaper industry didn’t have enough to deal with, now digital ad blocking software threatens to eat into its digital profits. Ad blockers, obviously, block ads. The reason for using them would seem to be, “I don’t want to see ads


10 Digital Trends to Watch in 2016

The industry is moving so rapidly that yesterday’s big story becomes tomorrow’s footnote, and each technological advancement is seemingly leapfrogged instantly. Yet this very nature of change in the industry is the reason that advertisers need to stop and take stock of what is

ANA Masters of Marketing Recap

At the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) conference last month, twenty-eight hundred of my brethren in the advertising community watched memorable presentations from Progressive Insurance, Pepsi, Lyft, Harley Davidson, GE, Audi and Arby’s. While the D and I words (Disruption and Innovation) were overused for my