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Twitter’s Thursday Night Football

As the 97th season of the National Football League kicked off on Thursday, September 8th, fans everywhere were glued to last year’s Super Bowl rematch between the Carolina Panthers and and the defending champions Denver Broncos. However, the eyes of marketers will be fixed on


Search: Riding the Wave of Change

Every day, consumers are evolving. They are growing wiser and seeking information in faster, more convenient ways. Our purpose as search marketers is to put that information at consumers’ fingertips. As a natural reaction to this, the world of paid search has become a wave


The Search Empire Strikes Back

Written by: Mel Jones, Nick Lynch and Cat Collis In November of 2014, Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo partnered in an attempt to overthrow the search empire, Google. Soon after, Yahoo and Bing announced their split, with Yahoo’s new attempt to restart their own search offering,