2024 Influencer Outlook

2024 Influencer Outlook

2024 Influencer Outlook

2024 Influencer Outlook

In the dynamic realm of influencer marketing, trends ebb and flow with unprecedented speed. In an industry marked by continual growth, marketers must stay on top of the latest trends in not only content theme and styles, but also in terms of payment and legalities. Reflecting on 2023, we witnessed influencers asserting their value with increased rates, the continued growth of video content, the emergence of “deinfluencing,” and a notable surge in creator content infiltrating advertising space outside of just sponsored posts. Anticipating an even larger surge in influencer collaborations in 2024, it’s pivotal for your client’s brand to distinguish itself.  

Here’s what is taking precedence moving into 2024: 


Long-term Partnerships Tell a Story

Patience is key in making a sale through influencer marketing. Even the most engaged audience may struggle to convert with just one sponsored post. Long-term campaigns with specific influencers prove significantly more effective, driven by the authenticity and trust that develops with constant endorsement. With one-off promotions transforming into an engaging narrative, the brand’s consistent presence in an influencer’s content feels more genuine to their audience. Research indicates that 29% of consumers find promotions more authentic when an influencer posts about a brand multiple times. Where possible, brands should look to create lasting partnerships of at least six months to enhance brand loyalty and credibility from trusted influencers. It’s important to remember that an influencer campaign is just one part of a comprehensive media strategy, working in tandem with other tactics to drive business results. 


Creative Freedom and Authentic Storytelling

Authentic storytelling is at the core of successful influencer marketing. Creators, due to their expertise in establishing personal connections, become architects of authentic brand relationships. Brands will continue to benefit from fostering longer-term ambassadorships founded on mutual trust. 

Creators possess the ability to weave personal narratives that forge emotional bonds with their audience. Brands should trust influencers’ creativity and allow them the freedom to craft narratives that resonate with their followers without being held to a script. Emotional connections help to foster brand affinity and loyalty, making the content more memorable and impactful. It will continue to be of utmost importance to allow influencers to speak about your brand in their own style and voice; a voice that resonates with and is trusted by their audience. 


Measuring Impact Beyond Metrics

Social proof is the new currency in the age of creators. TikTok ad views significantly enhance brand perception. With 75% of TikTok users saying a creator showing a product is more helpful than reading a product review, it is clear that product partnership on social is here to stay (What’s Next Trend Report, TikTok, 2023). Creators’ genuine and approachable personas seamlessly transfer to brands, driving social commerce through informative and solution-oriented content. Sustained brand advocacy solidifies brand credibility and believability, emphasizing the importance of longer-term ambassador campaigns. 

Measuring the success of influencer marketing goes beyond traditional metrics like impressions, reach and engagement. Brands should create an ROI framework that considers brand perception changes and cost savings that come with the ability to repurpose influencer content for other ad creative. While emotional connections and trust may not be as easily measured as the digital channels we’re used to, they play pivotal roles in influencer marketing success. 


Usage Rights and Compensation

Brands often seek extended usage rights for a creator’s content. According to CreatorIQ’s 2024 Influencer Marketing Trends Report, 66% of brands reported that creator content yielded more ROI than traditional digital advertising in 2023. Consequently, brands are eager to continue leveraging influencer assets beyond organic social posts and into additional media channels such as OTT. However, from a creator’s perspective, these usage rights may mean committing to representing a brand for a prolonged period, potentially leading to income loss from conflicting brand alignments. The discussion around compensation should not solely focus on the creator’s rate but should also consider factors like scope of work, brand association, and performance expectations to ensure both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. 


Further Enhancing Influencer-Brand Relationships

Creators should be relied upon to guide content, creative themes, and community engagement. Involving creators early in the process brings their expertise to planning and strategy, adopting a two-pronged approach: partnering with a creator for their audience and for their professional insights that drive the creation of content that will resonate best with their own audience and beyond. 

Offering influencers exclusive access to special events, sales, focus groups, and product launches fosters a sense of being a valued member within your brand’s community. This in turn strengthens the relationship between influencer and brand which shines through content authentically. 


As we continue to navigate the ever-changing influencer marketing world, it’s important to not only chase trends but actively shape the narrative for our brands. Letting creativity, authenticity, and meaningful connections guide the way, we can ensure that brands not only stand out but continue to build loyalty with their most valued audience. Here’s to a transformative year ahead, where collaboration, innovation, and authentic storytelling reign supreme. 


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