Level Up: Advertising’s Thriving Gaming Inventory Landscape

a male playing a game on his cell phone

Level Up: Advertising’s Thriving Gaming Inventory Landscape

a male playing a game on his cell phone

Gaming is on the rise, and its role in our lives has evolved significantly beyond being just a source of entertainment. With over 215 million gamers in the US, and the average age of gamers in their early 30s, the term “gamer” now covers a diverse demographic. Nearly two out of every three Americans play video games on various platforms, ranking gaming third in terms of time spent on screens, just after TV and social media. Despite its popularity, gaming receives less than 5% share of ad budgets, according to the IAB. The old stereotype of gamers as young men in basements playing violent games mostly applies to a small group of “hardcore” gamers. In reality, gamers come from a variety of demographics, from dedicated enthusiasts to casual mobile players, united by their deep game-focused engagement. This presents many opportunities for advertisers. In this blog, we will dive into the world of gaming ads and how programmatic advertising can help us access gamer audiences.  

Diverse Formats of Gaming Ads 

Gaming ads refer to the ads encountered while playing video games, which come in various forms such as banners, videos, and in-game placements, all cleverly designed not to interrupt the gaming experience.  

There is a variety of gaming ad formats to choose from. In-Game Ads seamlessly blend into the game, becoming part of the gaming adventure. Interactive Full-Screen Ads strategically appear during natural breaks, grabbing one’s attention when they are not fully immersed in gameplay. Rewarded Video Ads offer exciting in-game benefits in exchange for a user’s attention, creating a win-win situation. For a simpler approach, Banner Ads discreetly deliver a message without disturbing the gaming experience. 

Accessing Gaming Inventory for Advertisers 

There are multiple ways to tap into gaming inventory and they can be tailored to a brand’s needs. Through Private Marketplace deals (PMP), advertisers can work closely with respected publishers to secure premium gaming ad placements on various websites and apps, ensuring advertisers reach high-quality gaming audiences. 

Streaming platforms such as Twitch have become massive hubs for gamers and can be a strong strategy for advertisers. Brands can directly connect with their highly engaged audience in real time, providing a unique opportunity to engage with gamers during their live broadcasts.  

In-Game Advertising and Its Growing Market 

In-game placements ensure a brand’s ads seamlessly blend into the gaming experience. With a massive 3 billion global users, the in-game advertising market is projected to reach a staggering $94.5 billion by 2023, per Statista. The message becomes an integral part of the virtual world, enhancing gameplay rather than disrupting it. Whether a brand is seeking simplicity or immersion in their advertising, there is a solution in the dynamic world of gaming ads. 

Gaming ads are a versatile tool for a wide range of clients, especially smaller businesses aiming to compete with industry giants. Gaming’s strength lies in its precision in reaching diverse target audiences, ensuring the brand’s message lands where it matters most. 

Do you need more reasons to consider integrating gaming ads into a marketing strategy? Here are several compelling points: 

      • Mobile games have established themselves as lucrative ventures, showing no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, the mobile games market is projected to reach $173 billion in revenue in 2023, and it is expected to exhibit an annual growth rate of 6.42% from 2023 to 2027, ultimately reaching a market volume of $222 billion by 2027, demonstrating the enduring appeal of mobile gaming.  
      • The emergence of cloud gaming has reshaped the gaming landscape, allowing players to dive into games without the cumbersome task of downloads. This convenience is gaining traction among gamers, presenting an evolving opportunity for advertisers. 
      • Platforms like Twitch have ushered in a revolution in how people engage with games. Live streaming offers real-time interaction, creating a paradigm shift in the advertising world. It’s a dynamic platform that empowers advertisers to connect with audiences as they immerse themselves in gaming experiences. 


The Future is Here 

Gaming advertising isn’t just a glimpse into the future of advertising—it’s here in the present, offering endless opportunities for meaningful engagement. Harmelin Media helps brands access these opportunities through custom-tailored solutions. It’s time for brands to level up their advertising game and explore the world of gaming ads. 


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