MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit 2023

MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit 2023

The landscape of TV and video advertising has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, driven by the rapid growth of digital media and streaming services. Advertisers are continually seeking effective avenues to connect with their target audiences across a diverse array of channels, encompassing traditional television advertising, streaming platforms, and social media, among others. 

In late October, I attended the MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, where industry professionals convened to engage in insightful discussions about their triumphs, challenges, and setbacks within the video advertising domain. This event offered a platform for thought leaders to share their experiences in the video space. Here are several noteworthy takeaways and themes: 

    • Clarity is Key: Throughout the summit’s presentations and panel discussions, a recurring theme emerged—the importance of clarity. Marketers must possess a deep understanding of their objectives, messaging, target audiences, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for their advertising campaigns. This clarity is fundamental for channel deployment in a manner that achieves the desired outcomes.


    • Universal Measurement is Imperative: The issue of transparency and universal measurement methodology was articulated by Dave Morgan, Founder and CEO of Simulmedia. This concern, prevalent in the industry, now extends to the realm of Connected TV (CTV). The lack of transparency in streaming and linear TV ad campaigns poses an ongoing challenge for agencies and advertisers, making accurate measurement and effectiveness assessment a daunting task. Until a consistent methodology is established, marketers must develop multiple goals and KPIs to gauge the medium’s success.


    • Audience-Centric Approaches: Kim Ito, VP of Marketing at Mitsubishi Motor North America, presented a case study on reaching a younger audience. Mitsubishi expanded their video campaign by offering customers a “real-time virtual showroom” experience, tapping into the gaming interests of this demographic. Providing an interactive experience for consumers to customize and “test drive” their own vehicle in their own time proved to be a best practice for engaging a younger consumer base, ultimately boosting visibility and industry ratings.


    • Adaptability in a Fragmented Space: Ocean Spray’s Director of Media & Martech, Melanie DiBiasio, highlighted the transformative impact of a viral TikTok video on how Ocean Spray connects with consumers. Successful outreach involves reaching the right audience through the appropriate channels (Linear, Social, or OTT/CTV) and aligning with consumer interests and preferences.


    • Defining Clear Objectives: Marketers working in the midst of inconsistent measurement challenges are finding success by establishing clear objectives and goals. Campaigns that resonate with the audience and transcend traditional advertising approaches are gaining traction. 


In summary, video advertising in its various forms is a permanent fixture in the media landscape, with consumption steadily on the rise. As marketers, it is our responsibility to foster an ongoing process of learning and understanding the strategies that yield results. Simultaneously, we must advocate for a universal measurement standard from vendors, as this is essential for accurately evaluating the impact and efficacy of our video marketing efforts in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. 


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