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Ordering food online while in home isolation during coronavirus quarantine

eCommerce in the Era of COVID-19

Our way of life changed in March. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be felt long after the states lift lockdown provisions and we collectively, and slowly, return to normalcy. During this challenging period of self-isolation, many governors have ordered brick & mortar locations

I Voted Sticker 2020

Not Politics as Usual

As the world is affected by COVID-19, so too is the political scene. From the start of the primary season on February 3 with more than 20 Democratic presidential candidates, so much has dramatically changed. We are now down to two potential candidates: Joe Biden and

Tracking Data

Trackin’ Ain’t Easy

Senate hearings regarding social media, enterprise data breaches and mistrust of technology organizations have led to a cultural conversation regarding data. How is “my” data being used by companies to track and sell products to me? What sort of behavior do these companies have on

Amazon Strategies Conference 2020

Harmelin Attends NY’s Amazon Strategies Conference

On January 30, representatives from Harmelin’s eCommerce team attended the Amazon Strategies Conference in New York presented by Digiday, Glossy and ModernRetail. The event showcased knowledgeable presenters and visionaries who covered a multitude of topics ranging from successful Amazon tactics and strategies to why Amazon