Since we opened our doors in 1982, transparency has been at the center of all our client relationships. Our execution and protocols are in full compliance with Association of National Advertiser’s (ANA) transparency best practices. When the spotlight shines on online advertising leakage, multi-national rebates and other dubious financial exchanges, our commitment is more important than ever.

We have always provided our clients with original vendor invoices, including all costs broken out and easy to understand. Our fees are equally transparent, including DeskOne, our in-house programmatic trading desk. DeskOne does not charge any hidden fees and always optimizes to the only metric that matters – our client’s KPIs. This commitment enables us to provide significant savings and enhanced targeting compared to other managed-service vendors.


Our clients always have full visibility into their campaigns via reporting accessed directly from our third-party ad server, DSPs and other platforms, providing accurate and timely reporting. Every single campaign is monitored to ensure brand safety, viewability and diminished risk of fraud that far exceeds industry standards.


Trust is the bedrock of our client relationships, and we’ve always provided full transparency to ensure that trust. While the media and marketing solutions we employ for our clients will continue to change at an ever-increasing pace, our commitment to openness and integrity in our business dealings will never change.


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