At Harmelin Media, we believe that finding the fine balance between structured process and intuitive expertise is at the core of the best-in-class business strategy. Leveraging innovation and best practice, we develop custom-tailored planning structures that help your business drive real value.

First and foremost, we ensure that all of our account teams have the necessary resources and support to plan, measure and implement our strategic solutions. This is achieved through a centralized planning structure with four functions as its main pillars:


Translating business goals into campaign objectives


Creating media tactics and approaches from these campaign objectives


Observing and recording the results from our media tactics


Bettering our staff and ensuring they draw vital information from all media sources

Our structure stands on the foundation of three core areas, which link together and intertwine these four functions:


Allows us to tap into the knowledge and expertise of numerous experts across our account teams.


Provides guidelines, which ensure our work always heeds to our standards and drives collaboration and innovation.


Provide shared access to essential resources and research to allow for the perfect execution of our strategic plans.


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