We are obsessed with data mastery. As part of our data expertise, we have developed a robust suite of proprietary tools to manage, combine and analyze both structured and unstructured data sets.

Our proprietary tools are designed with a focus on agility. We use technology and data to automate complex tasks that unlock opportunities and accelerate speed-to-market for our clients.

Our Proprietary Tools

Discovers new local insights by merging and layering data for a multi-dimensional view of locations and markets
Prioritizes sales geographies to maximize growth through strategic allocation of marketing investment
Accelerates deployment while improving results for paid search campaigns
Seamlessly automates data collection from a wide variety of sources, including API & FTP
Segments large data sets into meaningful clusters by discovering similar characteristics and attributes
Measures the incremental impact that media has on business results and other key performance indicators
Optimizes social media budgets by forecasting frequency based on social platforms, industry, audience size, ad type and objective
Collaboration platform that integrates campaign planning, workflow management and financial stewardship for client campaigns and projects

To understand how these tools can transform your data to create new insights contact Harmelin today.


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