At Harmelin Media, we understand the passion and loyalty of sports fans and we know that leveraging that emotion can be extremely powerful for brands, but being blinded by the ‘sizzle’ associated with sports marketing can lead to poor business decision making by clients. Our in-depth knowledge of the sports business and our understanding of the true value of partnerships will help your brand reach its full potential.

Our sports marketing experts are experienced at all levels of play – from high school and collegiate through minor league and professional – all the way to national teams and the Olympics. We will make your brand’s voice heard via pre-game, in-game, and post-game broadcasts and generate buzz, store and site traffic by leveraging each team’s valuable assets, concession deals, events, promotions, and other related exposure.


Harmelin Media’s sports marketing campaigns are cohesively integrated with your overall campaign KPIs to ensure effective reach and unrivaled impact and response. Making use of creative placements and unique partnerships, we develop a deeper connection between your brand and its audience and make sure that every dollar invested contributes to your specific goals.


Take advantage of Harmelin Media’s sports marketing services to boost your brand, gain new customers, and solidify relationships with your existing buyers.


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