Our history is deeply rooted in television and Harmelin Media has remained an authority in the space for over 37 years. To maintain our leadership position, we rely on a simple formula for success. We identify consumer viewing trends, understand how changing video consumption impacts our media strategies, and maintain strong vendor relationships.


Our expertise in all-screen video covers all established and emerging channels:

  • Spot TV & Cable
  • Network TV, Cable & Syndication
  • Cross-Screen Video
  • Addressable Video
  • Long-Form & Short-Form Streaming
  • On-Demand Video
  • Social Video
  • Connected TV


At Harmelin Media, we give your brand a voice via network, satellite, spot, and streaming audio platforms. We leverage the extensive technical know-how of our market specialists and combine this with extensive industry and market knowledge to stay ahead of the trends.


Part of what makes our audio marketing campaigns so powerful is our reliance on relationships. As an example, for spot radio, rather than using national rep firms, we leverage local connections to secure the lowest rates, best clearance, and access to added value and promotional opportunities. Our streaming audio solutions additionally elevate your brand through less ad clutter and seamless integration into the rest of your digital strategy.



Harmelin Media’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies allow your business to stand out and dominate across the biggest platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, and Apple Search Ads.


Leveraging decades of expertise, we develop effective, laser-focused paid search campaigns rooted in powerful keyword research and appropriate ad copy messaging. Our experts implement a variety of tracking and targeting tools, such as Google Analytics, weather targeting, TV targeting, post-click action tracking, revenue tracking and more. Additionally, as a Google Premier Partner Agency, we regularly receive early access to beta offerings and full-time dedicated agency support.


All Harmelin search specialists are accredited by Bing Ads and fully certified by Google Ads.


At Harmelin Media, we leverage a team of in-house social media specialists with extensive expertise in paid social strategy, buying, and performance analysis. We activate brands across the paid social ecosystem, including Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, and develop buys that compliment your overarching strategy. Our clients’ owned and earned efforts are leveraged as part of our integrated media planning and buying process.


With our preferred status as a Facebook Marketing Partner, Harmelin offers early access to exciting new products and beta features, dedicated agency and vertical reps, dedicated technical VIP support, and in-person training opportunities to stay informed on an ever advancing social media landscape.



Through DeskOne, our in-house programmatic trading desk, we leverage data, automation, and AI to reach an audience most receptive to your message to maximize your digital media investment. We build our campaigns using multiple top-tier Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) which allow us to bid on ad inventories and data segments through cutting-edge software. It is about combining the power of machine learning with digital specialist expertise to return business results for our clients. Our team monitors industry developments, invalid traffic and brand safety threats to protect your brand and revenues. With a diverse portfolio of options, including display, video, CTV, mobile and emerging opportunities, such as programmatic TV, audio, and Out-of-Home digital billboards, we can reach your desired audience almost anywhere. Programmatic is a new method of buying media. To make the most out of your media investment, we buy through a combination of open exchanges, private marketplaces, and guaranteed deals. We do all of this while maintaining full disclosure and absolute end-to-end transparency.


Designed to help you get your message across to your target audience, our display advertising solutions empower, inspire and encourage your customers to choose your brand. With a selection of MRC-accredited tools, dynamic creative optimization and creative sequencing solutions, we at Harmelin Media create highly impactful marketing campaigns for banner ads.


Research is at the center of our approach: each project is provided with its own dedicated expert to investigate and remain current on priority industry topics. The result? Highly effective, creative display marketing campaigns with integrated planning across all media types that help you stay on top of your game.



With over 4.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, tapping into this market is not only business-savvy but a must-do. At Harmelin Media, rather than merely displaying ads on a small screen, we help brands develop powerful strategies to connect with their consumers in their day-to-day lives, while providing metrics of performance across multiple channels.


The power of mobile marketing is in personalization, data, and targeting. We get to know your audience and their behavior and focus on targeting your ideal buyer in a contextually relevant moment. We continuously keep an eye on your mobile campaign’s performance, tracking location visits, visit share, competitive visits, visit frequency and rate, marketing visit share, and overall performance to deliver quality, actionable insights that drive smart business decisions.


We’re increasingly using mobile signals to validate other media activity, such as TV, outdoor, and digital campaigns through location intelligence, identifying whether a device is more likely to appear at a retail location after ad exposure.


Despite the growth of digital media, print marketing still maintains a firm and powerful grip when it comes to reaching certain demographics in a contextually trusted format with opportunities to deliver both mass and niche readership.


Our magazine and newspaper campaigns utilize research to customize and optimize your insertion schedule to achieve the greatest impact. We artfully manage all price negotiations, adhering to our core principles of transparency to provide you with an easy, hassle-free way of reaching your target audience.


Our print campaign strategy also includes thorough circulation and publication analysis. This provides us with insights into how many people buy and read each paper or magazine and helps us understand how to properly maximize the effects of your ads.



Your customers are out and about, and ready to react to your message. At Harmelin, our out-of-home campaigns incorporate thorough research of buyer behavior and evaluation of the market to reach your target audience via a range of advertising options including digital and traditional billboards, transit, street furniture, buildings, schools, arenas, and many other signage options. Unlike other agencies we do not outsource any out-of-home buying, and we use best-in-class software to assess, map, and report on available units with maximum efficiency. Out-of-home success relies more on the physical placements of ads than any other medium, and we invest our time and technology to ensure that every unit is highly visible and appropriate for your channel objectives.


Reach your consumer anywhere, anytime: at Harmelin Media, we understand what makes your audience tick and strive to help your brand connect with them wherever they are. We use non-traditional and place-based media to capture the attention of your customers by generating a buzz that drives awareness, engagement, and conversion.


Our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, combined with our expertise and network connections are the key to our lifestyle marketing success. We leverage our capabilities to deliver premium lifestyle media solutions including aerial banners, door hangers, wild postings, mobile billboards, coffee sleeves, and more!


Rather than becoming part of the white noise your consumers ignore, we reach them when they’re most receptive to your message.



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