Media Impressions Podcast

Follow along with Harmelin Media's podcast, Media Impressions, where we explore all the ways media planning impacts us personally and professionally. New episodes posted monthly.

08: Juneteenth

Episode 08 - On June 19th, 1865, General Order Number 3 was read to all individuals residing in Galveston, Texas, proclaiming that all slaves in America, including in the state of Texas, were henceforth free. June 19th, or Juneteenth, marks a very specific date where

07: Influencer Marketing

Episode 07 - More and more, consumers are turning to experts and online personalities to curate information about life, news, culture, entertainment, and products. This new service, Influencer Marketing is our focus for this episode

06: Cookieless World

Episode 06 - Internet cookies; love them or hate them, they are a big part of today’s digital advertising landscape. But what happens when 2 massive corporations, Facebook and Apple, Square off in this space?

05: A.I. Roundtable

Episode 05 - Join us for a roundtable discussion around artificial intelligence. Featuring a special guest, Harmelin Media Founder and CEO Joanne Harmelin.

04: eCommerce

Episode 04 - What does it take to build a new service offering, e-Commerce? Need help with your e-Commerce advertising? Contact to learn how we can help. HARMELIN MEDIA Named Ad Age Best Places to Work 2021

02: Artificial Intelligence

Episode 02 - Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize all fields, but the promise exceeds the present. How do we get there? In this episode we talk about what AI is, how media plays a central role in creating the data that powers it and

01: What is Media?

Episode 01 - Our first episode dips a toe into the water on how media planning is changing. Gina Yeakel, Tim Brodwater and Taylor Williams all offered their takes on how change has been a constant in their careers and their answers may not be