3 Steps to Make Your PPC Ads More Memorable

3 Steps to Make Your PPC Ads More Memorable

Memorable ads can have an exponential impact on campaign performance and brand perception. The attention of a user is more valuable than ever so when we get it, we need to make it count.

What this means for marketers: Here are a few ways ad copy can be enhanced to be kept top of mind.

Make text ads visually compelling (Ad extension utilization) – Ad extensions allow for ads to secure more real estate on the search engine results page. Applying all that make sense for an initiative allows your listing to stand out amongst the other standard ads with deeper sitelinks, additional messaging, and even images.

Highlight deals and showcase offerings – Utilize the most prominent component of the ad by cutting the fluff and displaying what sets your brand apart from the competition with a differentiation factor. The user can lose interest if the hook is buried in the back of the description. Include key aspects as to why your ad deserves the click over the rest of the advertisers on the page.

Make it personal – Creating ads in tandem with your targeting can have a powerful impact on your performance in many ways. You can increase quality score and relevance by tailoring ads to tightly themed keywords and ad groups. Ads can also be modified to fit different audience segments or specific points in a user’s journey to conversion. By targeting shopping cart abandoners and loyalists with unique messaging, you can add a level of personalization and relevance as opposed to the user seeing a generic ad again. Different call-to-action approaches can influence users more appropriately, so it is important to understand who is seeing your ad in the moment and speak to them individually.