4 Things to Know as Out-Of-Home Goes Programmatic

4 Things to Know as Out-Of-Home Goes Programmatic

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Veranika Dzeruzhynskaya

49% of media planners placed digital OOH on plans in the past year. This number jumps above 69% when OOH is combined with mobile for retargeting measurement and dynamic creative. But only 39% of media planners know it’s possible to buy OOH programmatically. Here are 4 things to note about programmtic OOH:

1. Digital OOH doesn’t mean Programmatic OOH
2. There’s Little Real-Time Bidding (RTB) in Programmatic OOH
3. Mobile Location Data Makes Programmatic OOH Measurable
4. Third-Party Data Lights Up Dynamic Creative In OOH

What this means for marketers: For the whole OOH industry, programmatic is game-changing information and a huge step forward from static posters and billboards. Right now, programmatic OOH is mostly guaranteed, where inventory is reserved and purchased in an automated way. It is a different way to think about OOH as advertisers can now choose messaging dependent on time, weather conditions, or the status of if a home team is winning or losing. Harmelin will consider integrating Programmatic OOH and digital buying for future campaigns.

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