Author: Tim O'Malley

Pandora DROPS New Playlist

Drop, Pandora’s version of Spotify’s Radar Release playlist, provides a more customizable listening experience for users, eliminating ads. What this means for marketers: On September 17th, Pandora announced the release of their newest listening experience: Pandora Drop. Previous listening experiences on Pandora required the use of different artist


Scott Davis 25th Anniversary Interview

Twenty-five years ago today, EVP Scott Davis started a job at Harmelin Media. Our president Mary Meder said it best: “Scott Davis was an engineering major at Cornell, but also an active participant with the university’s student-run radio station. All I can say is that


Tom Garrity 20th Anniversary Interview

This week Tom Garrity, Vice President, celebrates his 20th Anniversary at Harmelin Media.  Continuing our Anniversary Interview Series, we sat down with him to get his thoughts on the industry and get to know him personally. What are some of the notable changes you have seen