Google Chrome to Detect and Block Intrusive and Annoying Ads

Google Chrome to Detect and Block Intrusive and Annoying Ads

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Tim Brodwater

Google Chrome has confirmed that they are building a tool that will detect and block ads many Internet users find intrusive, unwanted or just downright annoying. This tool will be pre-built into the new version of Chrome and will act in a similar function as current pop-up blockers. Publishers will be able to review how this will affect them individually via “The Ad Experience Report,” another tool Google is developing. It will essentially score the publishers on what ads are “annoying experiences.”

What this means for marketers: At first, publishers were skeptical about the development of this new tool. However, Google confirmed that they will not be singling out particular ad types. It will be more of a guide to ad experiences and why some are more annoying to the user than others. They’ve also stressed that any ads blocked are those deemed annoying via a survey by the “Coalition for Better Ads.”

It’s important that the publishers Harmelin works with on a daily basis are aware and educated on the effects of this new tool as well. They should be researching their score on “The Ad Experience Report” and taking the appropriate steps forward to avoid unwanted ad experiences. Google does not want to block all ads, they only want to block or filter ads that are not compliant with the Better Ad Standards. Harmelin will also be familiarizing itself with these standards and will remain vigilant when planning and executing plans to ensure that we are not recommending “annoying” ad experiences.

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