Matched Audiences on LinkedIn Provides More Custom Targeting Capabilities

Matched Audiences on LinkedIn Provides More Custom Targeting Capabilities

Harmelin Digital Contributor: Mollie Dronson

LinkedIn recently rolled out its Matched Audiences program at the end of April, allowing advertisers to target more accurately by user’s web browsing behaviors, email addresses and their employers. Matched Audiences is a take on targeting options offered by other social platforms in the space, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and several others. The Matched Audiences offering includes website retargeting, email address targeting, and account targeting based on the companies that people work for.

What this means for marketers: With these new targeting options, advertisers will be able to more granularly hit their target audiences on LinkedIn. The new targeting options, which are available on LinkedIn’s self-serve ad-buying platform can now be used to target in-feed Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail messages, text ads, and LinkedIn’s dynamic ads. By targeting users based on their web browsing behaviors and primary and secondary email addresses linked to users’ accounts, B2B advertisers are more likely to hit their target audiences than they would have by just using LinkedIn’s traditional targeting which just includes location, job title, gender and age. The Matched Audiences program will be beneficial to B2B advertisers who want to hit users actively on LinkedIn where they are looking to do business and connect with other individuals and companies within their realm.

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