Anniversary Interview: Lauren Hanko, Media Director, Celebrates 15 Years with Harmelin Media

Lauren Hanko, Media Director

Anniversary Interview: Lauren Hanko, Media Director, Celebrates 15 Years with Harmelin Media

Recently, Media Director Lauren Hanko celebrated her 15-year anniversary at Harmelin Media.

To celebrate her years at Harmelin, we sat down with Lauren to talk about her thoughts on the changing nature of our industry and to get to know her better.

Lauren Hanko, Media Director


What are some of the notable changes you have seen in the industry since you started at Harmelin?

One of the most notable changes that I have noticed is how media placements have evolved over years, and how many more options there are to reach consumers than when I first started at Harmelin 15 years ago. For example, TV viewing has become very fragmented, and we are not just buying spots on broadcast TV and cable anymore. We are including additional placements such as OTT to reach those who’ve cut the cord, along with programmatic video and addressable TV. In addition to the multiple ways to buy video, we also have better targeting options and no longer need to rely on paper diaries to determine the most effective buy.

Another notable change is how the technology has progressed over the years. When I first started at Harmelin, I remember faxing over insertion orders to our vendors, while now orders are processed electronically. We have also become accustomed to video calling, thanks to the pandemic. Since Harmelin uses Microsoft Teams, desk phones will now be a thing of the past, which I never thought would happen.


What has been your greatest success at Harmelin?

My greatest success at Harmelin would have to be the relationships I have established over the past 15 years with my colleagues, reps, and clients I have worked with. I have enjoyed working with many of our clients over the years and providing the best service to them. Our clients are very valuable to us and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. Along with our clients, I appreciate the relationships I have built with our reps over the years. Some of my relationships have turned into long-lasting friendships, and I look forward to making new connections in the years to come.


Where do you see the industry in the next 1 Year, 5 years, 10 years?

The pandemic has shifted the way we consume media and make purchases. I think there will be an increase in spend towards programmatic buying especially against video, audio, and OOH platforms in the years to come. I believe influencer marketing will continue to flourish and there will be more progress with social e-commerce. There will also be technology advancements, especially with the use of AI, which will affect the way we collect data and measure media placements for our clients. The nice thing about media evolving over the next few years is that we will never be bored and will be always learning.


Fun Tidbit about you/Something no one could guess about you?

I was a synchronized swimmer for 7 years.


Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My mom. She was my best friend and always gave great advice. She was a hard worker, humble, nice to everyone and always made time to help others, no matter how busy she was. I strive to be like her and try to incorporate these values in my daily life


What is your philosophy towards your work?

My philosophy is to work hard, play hard and be kind to others. A good work ethic is important, along with being kind to others because you don’t know what someone else is going through. Not only should we work hard, but we should also try to incorporate some fun and spend time with those we care about, because life is too short.



Vice President Irene Neveil has only great things to say as Lauren’s supervisor: “I have worked alongside Lauren during her 15 years here at Harmelin and have always held her in high regard for her overall knowledge and strategic approach to media. I also appreciate and admire the person that she is: intelligent, kind and strong. She is a positive force on my team, leading and mentoring her colleagues well, as she surely does with her students at LaSalle. Thank you, Lauren, for all you do and congratulations on reaching this milestone!

Media Director Lucia Norman shares: “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Lauren for these last 15 years. She is intelligent, kind and so much fun to be around! Her dedication and loyalty make her a stellar employee and I am honored to work so closely with her. Congratulations Lauren on this wonderful accomplishment!

Itzel Gonzalez, Media Director and colleague of Lauren’s for over ten years, shares: “No task is too big or too small as Lauren consistently brings her A-game to break through any challenges, bring new solutions and provide high level work to our clients. Her charisma and energy are contagious and is no wonder why colleagues, vendors and clients enjoy working with her.


Thank you, Lauren, for your 15 years of commitment to Harmelin and our clients. Congratulations!