Anniversary Interview: Trish Nawa, Media Director, Celebrates 15 Years with Harmelin Media

Trish Nawa, Media Director

Anniversary Interview: Trish Nawa, Media Director, Celebrates 15 Years with Harmelin Media

This month Trish Nawa, Media Director Local Broadcast Buying, celebrates her 15th year at Harmelin Media. We sat down with Trish to talk about her years at Harmelin, her thoughts on the changing nature of our industry and to get to know her better.

Trish Nawa, Media Director


What are some of the notable changes you have seen in the industry since you started at Harmelin?

Media consumption has notably changed since I started at Harmelin 15 years ago. There was no mention of podcasts, streaming services and digital targeting. The way we use audio and video has greatly changed. There has been a shift in use from terrestrial radio and traditional TV to OTT. We listen to podcasts and stream both audio and video content. We use multiple devices to watch and listen. Terrestrial radio and traditional TV are still dominant but the gap between radio/TV and digital audio/video continues to shrink. As a market buyer, I see this shift in how client budgets are now allocated.


What has been your greatest success at Harmelin?

The greatest success I’ve had at Harmelin has been the relationships I made with co-workers and vendors. I have worked with so many wonderful people at Harmelin. I love how everyone shares information, ideas and tips, all leading to stronger productivity. I have worked with some of my vendors for the 15 years I’ve been at Harmelin. The connections I’ve made over these past 15 years have benefitted me professionally and personally. I’ve learned a lot from my co-workers and vendors. There have been so many exceptional people and I consider myself blessed to have worked with them all.


Where do you see the industry in the next year, 5 years, 10 years?

Our use of media will continue to change. There will be many more options with each passing year. More providers, platforms and devices are to come in the future. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. I think Harmelin does quite well in staying ahead of the trends and leveraging them for clients. It will be exciting watching it all unfold.


Where is your favorite place to be?

Penn State is my favorite place to be; it holds a special place in my heart. I married my college sweetheart, and two of our children are at PSU now. My son is a drummer in the Blue Band. My daughter is an incoming freshman. It gives me great joy to watch my kids partake in all the fun and traditions that both my husband and I did as young adults.


What is your favorite song, movie or TV show and why?

I am hooked on Ted Lasso right now. It’s a feel-good comedy with a great cast of characters. It has positive messages and is uplifting. It is a perfect show to offset all the stress of this pandemic. Give it a try!


What is the one thing you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my dogs! I am a crazy dog person. I have two spoiled basset hounds named Winston and Bueller. They are brothers and generate a lot of happiness for my family and me. They play king of the mountain on snow piles, and they have the mailman trained to bring them a treat each day, and they enjoy lots of naps. They are so fun.


Alma Gailey, Media Director, has worked with Trish since she joined the Education Affiliates DR broadcast team in 2013: “Working with Trish is a joy. She was an important part of our EA team. Trish handled planning and buying for schools both large and small. Her patience with monitoring and making changes with very little notice was a blessing in the often-hectic pace.”

Kate Fitzgerald, Senior Media Strategist, has learn much from Trish and said, “I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Trish since my start at Harmelin. Having her as a mentor has helped me hone my buying skills. She’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, and an outstanding buyer who takes on new challenges with a positive attitude and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Wendy Rumer, Senior Media Director, has nothing but praise for Trish. “I love working with Trish. She’s a great member of my team and the broadcast team as a whole. She is smart, reliable and helpful. I think my favorite of Trish’s qualities is that she always wants to learn. She’s not settling. She knows the industry is ever-evolving and she wants to be there to understand it.


Thank you, Trish, for 15 years of commitment to Harmelin and our clients. Congratulations!