Author: Caity Lamb

My Network is Bigger than Your Network

As raindrops fell on the pavement in New York City this past May, advertising professionals gathered underneath a sea of umbrellas and descended upon Radio City Music Hall for the first day of the broadcast network upfronts. NBC jump-started the week with an emphasis on

23rd Annual TV Preview – Upfronts 2018

Every May in NYC, the advertising industry descends on mid-town with a sense of familiarity in the air. We flow in and out of historic sites – progressing from Radio City to Lincoln Center to Carnegie Hall. We recognize faces and hear similar claims (‘We’re

Content Consumed by Humans: Upfronts 2017

Science. Data. Innovation. These are buzz words we’re all used to hearing that capture the current state of the media industry. These topics were also at the forefront of the 2017-18 television upfront presentations this past May in New York City. But another hot