Author: Donna D'Achillo

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Superhero Headquarters

This past spring, the CW’s deal with Netflix, renewed in 2016, came to an end – and the CW has no plans of a future renewal with the popular streaming service. Although Netflix and CW have parted ways, past and current CW series such as

23rd Annual TV Preview – CW Edition

After nine years, CW has decided to reclaim Sunday nights and expand its primetime lineup. The network will now offer six nights and 12 hours of original scripted series. According to Rob Tuck, EVP of National Sales, these two additional hours of programming will increase

Cable TV Fall Preview

A&E  Women Who Kill  is a documentary that investigates the reason why women are more likely to kill members of their own family than men are.  Women murderers will be interviewed to explain the reasons why they did what they did.  A&E will be premiering