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Advertising During COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we have ever seen before: a crisis beyond our experience, with implications beyond anything we can predict. And while its impact on our lives is yet to be fully known, its impact on the economy,

Digital Trends to Watch in 2020

Digital Trends to Watch in 2020

A new decade is the perfect time to look both backward and forward. By any standard, the past ten years in the digital media landscape have included monumental changes – some positive, others less so. As we look at 2020 and beyond, we see no

Political Advertising & the Media 2020

Political Advertising & the Media in 2020

Total ad expenditures next year will very likely set a record as media companies expect significant increases in political spending, including direct candidate spending, Political Action Committee (PAC) spending and other issue advertising. Kantar recently provided a very conservative estimate of $6 billion in political

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The Digitization of Out of Home

Out of home media, defined as static and digital billboards, posters and street furniture, is one of the last true mass reach vehicles. As fragmentation further splinters the media landscape and consumers have more devices, bundles, channels and apps at their fingertips, out of home