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Fall Preview – Final Predictions

We hope you have enjoyed our posts detailing our 24th Fall TV Preview. In conclusion, here are our new show predictions.   Whether you will be glued to broadcast, cable, streaming programming or a mix of everything, we are all looking forward to an entertaining fall season.

So Gallantly Streaming

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “change is the only constant.” This is an apt description of the TV streaming industry right now. TV networks are in the process of developing their own platforms and are planning to pull back their own legacy shows from services

Under Disney’s Eye

Hulu is officially a Mouseketeer. This spring it was announced that Disney had taken control of the subscription-based streaming service. After Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the purchase of AT&T’s shares and a 5-year deal to buy out Comcast’s portion, Hulu became an official

It’s Like I Have ESPN Or Something

CABLE NEW SHOWS & NOTEWORTHY NEWS A&E has partnered with producer Essential Media Group to produce one of the craziest live stunt series ever attempted. The Impossible Live will follow world renowned daredevil Bello Nock as he attempts some of the most ambitious stunts ever shown

Can Artificial Be Authentic?

Meet Miquela Sousa, or @lilmiquela on Instagram. Miquela is a 19-year-old musician from California known for her spunky attitude, compelling and relevant content, passion for activism, and as a “style icon,” she was invited to takeover Prada’s Instagram account during their 2018 show in Milan.

cw logo

Superhero Headquarters

This past spring, the CW’s deal with Netflix, renewed in 2016, came to an end – and the CW has no plans of a future renewal with the popular streaming service. Although Netflix and CW have parted ways, past and current CW series such as

A New Day One

FOX renewed exactly zero of the four new shows they premiered last year. Perhaps that’s the reason the phrase “a new Day One” was coined by Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier. The focus last year seemed to be on sports, citing shorter breaks and more

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Out With a Bang

For the 11th consecutive year, CBS finished first in total viewers. They were tied for second (with FOX) in Adults 18-49. The network bid farewell to megahit The Big Bang Theory after 12 successful seasons, which then begs the question: can the network continue its

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Now I Know My ABC

ABC is a story of consistency. “This is the most stable lineup in more than a decade,” said the newest ABC Entertainment President, Karey Burke, at the network’s upfront presentation in May. Truthfully, this network has been very stable for several years. In 2014, I