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Ad Placement on Digital News Sites

Advertisements placed on local digital news sites are a great way to reach consumers, especially for products and services that are not nationally available. People often look first to local news outlets for their mixture of community event coverage as well as some national news.

23rd Annual TV Preview – Hulu Edition

Hulu has the content and viewers are flocking, 20 million subscribers to be exact (up 20 percent from last year). The streaming video service has a library exceeding 75,000 TV episodes, more than double its competitors. With titles like This is Us, Modern Family, Empire

23rd Annual TV Preview – CW Edition

After nine years, CW has decided to reclaim Sunday nights and expand its primetime lineup. The network will now offer six nights and 12 hours of original scripted series. According to Rob Tuck, EVP of National Sales, these two additional hours of programming will increase

23rd Annual TV Preview – Fox Edition

The FOX fall lineup will include three days of sports while introducing two new comedies and picking up another from ABC. Fox is looking to shed what it views as dead weight in its entertainment divisions by focusing on the far more profit- able news and