Media Magnified

Chewing Gum and Big Data

The year is 1974.  “Hooked on a Feeling” is playing on the supermarket speakers, and you’re exhausted after barely sleeping; author Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie has resulted in you jumping at shadows.  At the cash register, you pick up some chewing gum and the

CES 2019: Our Immersive World

It’s easy to get completely consumed by the vastness of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) every year. CES is where the tech industry debuts new products for the coming year. Tech companies large and small put their products on display to the public for the first

The Era of Voice

There are three different Amazon Echo devices in my 1,000 square foot apartment – one in my kitchen, one in my bedroom, and one in my bathroom. A good portion of my life now revolves around voice enabled assistants and devices for everything. I use

2019 Media Outlook

Well, one thing you can say about 2018 in the media world - it wasn’t boring! The central purpose of paid media - to connect brands and customers in as relevant and efficient means as possible, got both easier and more difficult in the past

Google+ Shutting Down After 7 Years

Google recently announced that a data breach coupled with low usage and engagement led to the decision to shut down the social network. While most users aren’t surprised to see it go, the announcement of the data breach does come as a shock. What this means

The Evolution of Podcast Advertising

The popularity of podcasting has grown exponentially in the past few years, but some might find it hard to believe this media channel can be traced back as far as 2004. According to the WIRED article "The Three Fundamental Moments of Podcasts' Crazy Rise", the

Ad Placement on Digital News Sites

Advertisements placed on local digital news sites are a great way to reach consumers, especially for products and services that are not nationally available. People often look first to local news outlets for their mixture of community event coverage as well as some national news.