Media Magnified

Navigating The Shifting Sands of Retail

In general, retail marketing and the retail landscape are constantly in a state of flux. Over the last several years, that change has focused upon the e-commerce space and consumers’ perceptions of brands. Simply stated, consumers want a more personalized experience. They are, however, expecting

Harmelin Media Presents 2019 Media Trends

On June 12th, Harmelin Media hosted over 75 clients, marketing executives and members of the media for Harmelin’s 2019 Media Trends Presentation. The event, held at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, centered around the rapidly changing media landscape and detailed the implications of media’s evolution

Google Marketing Live 2019: Deus ex Machina

The year is 2019. You are spending over 6.5 hours a day online. You’re making 11% of your purchases via the internet. You’re sharing more information than ever via seven different social media accounts. Yet, you are increasingly concerned about misuse of your personal data.

Which Programmatic Price is Right?

First-price auction or second-price auction – what is the difference, which is most common, and why does it matter? These are questions that continue to challenge marketers in the programmatic space. If you thought media transacting in a matter of milliseconds was complex, consider the notion