Media Magnified

Which Programmatic Price is Right?

First-price auction or second-price auction – what is the difference, which is most common, and why does it matter? These are questions that continue to challenge marketers in the programmatic space. If you thought media transacting in a matter of milliseconds was complex, consider the notion

Social Video: New Principals & Players

Harmelin Media has been working diligently to articulate our “total video” planning, buying, and measurement approach to adapt to video fragmentation.  This approach is based on balanced budgeting for optimal reach, frequency and action in the same omnichannel way that mirrors evolving consumer consumption habits.

Chewing Gum and Big Data

The year is 1974.  “Hooked on a Feeling” is playing on the supermarket speakers, and you’re exhausted after barely sleeping; author Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie has resulted in you jumping at shadows.  At the cash register, you pick up some chewing gum and the

CES 2019: Our Immersive World

It’s easy to get completely consumed by the vastness of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) every year. CES is where the tech industry debuts new products for the coming year. Tech companies large and small put their products on display to the public for the first

The Era of Voice

There are three different Amazon Echo devices in my 1,000 square foot apartment – one in my kitchen, one in my bedroom, and one in my bathroom. A good portion of my life now revolves around voice enabled assistants and devices for everything. I use