Media Magnified

2018 Digital Content NewFronts Download

For the first time in history, Viacom and ESPN attended the Digital Content NewFronts in New York City, which are held in May. The NewFronts were originally designed to create an upfront marketplace for digital video, where media companies could present upcoming programming to advertisers.

Get Creative

I was sitting on my couch one evening, glancing through a Thai cookbook while deciding on a dinner recipe. I’m someone who believes cooking is a form of art and while reading this recipe book, I came across an excerpt discussing a theory on creativity

Podcasts: The New Kid at The Upfront

Podcasts have become a viable media option to reach listeners. They entertain 67 million listeners monthly – and the media industry and advertisers are taking notice. Podcast advertising reached $220 million by the end of 2017, and well-known brands have invested a portion of their

Advanced TV on the rise

As consumers, we are adding different devices into our households that enable us to consume more media each day.  Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku and video game consoles were among the top gifts this past holiday season, and for good reason! These devices are providing