Media Magnified

Advanced TV on the rise

As consumers, we are adding different devices into our households that enable us to consume more media each day.  Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku and video game consoles were among the top gifts this past holiday season, and for good reason! These devices are providing

Eye See You

For the past several years we have been told it’s been the year of mobile, as if it’s something on the horizon and not currently practical for media initiatives.  True, there are (and probably always will be) inventory, tagging and trafficking issues that can plague

Addressing Addressable TV

Television. Many would argue that it is still the greatest medium there is. Being able to reach a specific audience in their home is something that many advertisers wouldn’t dream of removing from their media strategy. Yes, television is still king – but in the

Harmelin Media Turns 35!!

October 18th marks not only CEO Joanne Harmelin’s birthday, but the “coral anniversary” of the company she founded in 1982. Since day one, Harmelin has bucked so many industry trends – establishing a media-only business in the heyday of full service agencies; thriving as a